Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Short Haircuts For Men | Mens Hairstyle

Many men prefer shorter hair because it can take years off your appearance. Here are some examples of short hairstyles favored by men who want to look younger than they are.

Traditional crew cuts involve cutting all the hair less than ¼ inch long. Created by hairdressers military as a way to control infestations of lice, crew cuts have shown that many men seem to be up to 10 years younger than her actual age. Very short hair tends to give a "baby face" aspect that man is shaving.

High and tight is another popular hair style for men. This hairstyle is to cut the sides and back of the hair very short, leaving the top a little longer. This haircut is favored by men who do not want to look so childish. The longer hair on the top can be brushed aside.

The traditional carriers is another popular short style. The sides and back are cut as a cutting, while the upper left is twice as long and shaped to form a flat surface on top of the head. It became popular in the 1950s, this hair style is still common and is considered appropriate for men of different professions.

All these styles have the effect of take years off the appearance of a man. For this reason, are becoming an increasingly popular with men between 30 and 40. Shorter hair styles for men are always in style and accepted regardless of the profession of a man.

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