Friday, April 27, 2012

Oooooh Prety - Dazzling!

Oooooh Prety - Dazzling!

I remember when Barry M was first on the market (quite a while ago) I saw the brand as a bit cheap and with that came the assumption that the products wouldn't be any good, well I'm the first to admit when I'm wrong and this is one of those times, I couldn't have been more wrong in fact!

I always notice the Barry M stand as all the bright colours practically explode off the shelves which is great as now its fashionable to be more daring with the colours you use for your make up.
One of my favourite products from their range are the Dazzle Dust Pots, they come in over 60 colours ranging from subtle to the brightest you have ever seen. The product has been designed to use on the eyes, cheeks and lips and cost around £4.50, so you get a lot for your pennies!

These little pots of magic are perfect for creating fashion looks with out spending huge amount of money and with their versatility your creative side can run wild!  One of my favourite shades is Cherry Red 84, I used this to create a red velvet lip, rather than having my lips all glossy it gave them a velvet finish which I think is gorgeous (the lips that is, not me!).

If you would like to see how I got the finished look please take a peek at my tutorial video!

Have you tried Barry M Dazzle Dust? What's your favourite colour? Do you recommend any other products from their range? Let me know your thoughts.

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