Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Epic Nail Mail Day!

WOW! Today was a lucky day for me in nail polish land. I received some great polishes in the mail AND won a giveaway!

This is what I received from Caroline in Austria. She and I have been doing swaps.
YES she put all of this in ONE BOX! It was a YELLOW box too, she knows how much I LOVE YELLOW!!

Here is a closer look at what I got...

Catrice LE Moonlight Express and My Milkyway, Hot or Not (this one is actually from a blog sale, not from Caroline, I put it in the photo by accident lol), and mini polishes from H&M

Essence LE Ballerina Backstage: Dance the Swan Lake, Wear Your Little Tutu, Do a Floating Pirouette, Grand Plie in Black, On Your Gracile Tiptoe

Essence toe stickers, H&M Lotions, bpretty crackling polish Sunrise, Essence Nail Art Foils: Style me Pretty and Style my Glamour

Essence Crackles: Crack Me Black, Sparkling Champagner, Sparkling Silver, Crack Me White

Essence LE Nails in Style: Style me Holo, Style me Love, Style-ish Baby, Style for Summernights

H&M Happy Pink, Maybelline 446 and 145

Essence Special Effect Toppers: Mystic Mermaid, You're a Gold Mine, Time for Reflection
Essence Matt top coat, Nail Art Twins: Romeo and Julia

Blog sale goodies: Essence Purple Magic, Catrice From Dusk to Dawn and Hot or Not

And believe it or not, I just bought this HOLO version of My Private Jet on ebay for $10.95 with free shipping!! I still cant believe it. I happened to see the listing right after it was posted on ebay. I don't think the seller realized what she had or else it wouldn't have been so affordable. The description didn't mention holo version, but in the photo you could see the flash of holo. I was hoping that the photo was the actual polish I would be receiving, and it was! I am so happy I came across it before some scalper bought it and marked it up $60 more before reselling it!

Just LOOK how gorgeous!! I have been staring at this polish all day. I might leave this one out and not store it just yet. I still cannot believe it is mine, and I found it at such a great price! Heck, I might even sleep with it under my pillow tonight LOL!

As if all these wonderful polishes weren't fantastic enough, I received an email from Smita at My Nailz a few hours ago. She contacted me because I was the winner of her 300 Follower Giveaway! I am so thrilled that I won! I get to choose 3 Joe Fresh polishes. Joe Fresh is a brand found in Canada. I only have 2 Joe Fresh so far, so I am excited to add more to my collection! Check out her blog and show her some love!

What do you think of these sorts of posts? Do you like to see photos of my nail mail and hauls?

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