Friday, April 27, 2012

Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

There are many causes for damaged hair. Using hot styling tools, brushing too hard, or frequently dying hair are all major culprits and can leave you with dull, dry, brittle locks. However, having damaged hair does not mean you can’t look your best. There are several hairstyles that will help hide your lifeless locks as they heal and return to their healthy state.

Hairstyles for Damaged Hair
First, if your hair is excessively damaged and contains a lot of split ends, you will want to consider getting a shorter cut. Short hair can instantly make damaged hair look healthier because it removes a lot of the frizzy, dry ends. After a cut, you will want to choose a style that works with your natural texture. Trying to curl or straighten damaged hair will only make the problem worse. Instead, choose moisturizing styling products that work with your hair. Also, opt for styles that let hair hang down.
Hairstyles for Damaged Hair
Tying hair up is one cause of breakage and will do harm to already weakened hair. The same is true for tight headbands or braids. Additionally, you will want to avoid coloring damaged hair until it has recovered. If you absolutely can’t live with roots showing, just touch up the necessary spots as they grow out.

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